A fresh new look for my cartoon characters! This style is much more expressive and fluid and totally me, and I love it to bits! Besides fishman Stan and egghead Ned, the others are either their co-workers or people they meet on their route to work.Character development for Stan. His personality changed completely from being the grumpy cold fish at work, to a fish out of water; clueless and uselss in his enviroment. He’s a lot more lighthearted and outgoing than before, quickly becoming Ned’s buddy and showing him the ropes, and I really like that about him now. Stan honestly has no idea what his job at the company is, and flounders to make himself look busy whenever his boss is around. He doesn’t enjoy his time at the company, but wants to use it to make a decent living while he figures out what he wants to do with the rest of his life, so he wants to keep his job, whatever it is!And finally, some visual development for this cartoon of mine. The story takes place in San Francisco, (a city I love to explore!) which is very cold and wet most of the time, so I went with teals and sea greens to capture that feeling, while also making the rust-color of the Golden Gate Bridge stand out.