Happy Halloween! 😀 Really wish I could’ve made special Halloween art for this year, (Halloween is my favorite holiday!) but I have to work. Maybe next time. Messy work from last year that I wasn’t going to post. It’s of my monster girl, Muna, that I draw every Halloween. She sleeps all year round and wakes only on Halloween, consuming whatever she can for 24 hours—houses, livestock, people, whatever. The only thing that’ll make her skip your house is if you offer her candy, since she absolutely loves candy, and it mellows her attitude down. One year, the townsfolk tried to stop her annual terrorizing by shackling her while she slept and locking her away. This didn’t stop her, however, and she broke out and ate most of the town.My drawing of Muna for this year. I didn’t have time to finish, but I’d like to play with her design some more. And wow, my next post will be my 100th!