Have you ever come up with an idea you call your own only to realize later someone has already thought of it and beaten you to it? I have. Waaaaay too many times! And it’s happened again. XD That movie came out this year about a guy and a bear who live together, which is the basic idea I had for the comic I was doing with Sal & Sal, only mine was clean and more surreal. However, now that the movie’s been done, I can’t do the comic.wtfAlthough I haven’t seen the movie, and I had the idea way before the movie came around, I can’t go through with it now without looking like a copycat. -__- This doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that if I had just started the comic sooner, this wouldn’t be a problem. *SIGH* Darn me and my lazy ways! But this happening just makes me want to change even more. Lesson for today, kids, is get off your duff and do those ideas before someone else does, or you won’t get to do them at all!