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Old work from last year, my version of the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ. My aunt read me the books as a kid, and I loved the stories.
More OZ work. Tin might have to be bigger in comparison to make Dorothy stand out more.


Pottermore! I’m in Slytherin. Not a fan of Harry Potter, but I love magic.Honestly, my dream is to work on American cartoons; character design, storyboarding, animation—everything! But right now, I have comics to finish.

For the next two months, my sister is teaching her art class about chibi chains and paper children, so she commissioned me for this chibi chain example. She gave me free choice of characters, so I went with the main girls from Lucky Star. That show was boring, but super-hyper-crazy cute. It taught me how to draw cute girls and spiky hair, and how to avoid doing homework!Had to rush this since it was commissioned to be completed in 4 hours. Because of that, there’s a lot wrong going on, like Tsukas’s invisible eyebrows, LOL.

The art classes my older sister teaches is currently studying The Legend of Zelda, strong light sources, and isometric perspective, so she commissioned me a few weeks back for an example that contained all three to show to her students. I had never used any of those subjects as focus points, so this was a learning experience for me too. As payment, I received a cupcake cookbook. Cha-ching~!

Here’s some progress shots:

And the final result!

LOL, fan art of Leap Day William from 30 Rock. That show is hilarious. Happy Leap Day, everybody!

Good news! Thanks to my parents, I have a tablet again! Thank you, Mom and Dad! They are so awesome, those two. TuTOh, and this is an old sketch I did just for kicks. The white bear is my mascot, while the black wolf is my best friend’s. Like our mascots, we’re the same but the opposite. But this sketch is messy, so I never showed this to her.

My entry for IGN’s Star Fox Star Animal Contest!With just a few days to enter, I decided to design my own star team! There’s Coon the raccoon, Rosy the bear, Owen the owl, Snake the snake, and Conner the tortoise. But creating characters on the spot is difficult for me without back story for each character, so I created that too. And now I don’t know what to do with all that information but post it here. XD

Coon: Leader of the Star Coon team, Coon started out as a simple starship engineer spending more time working under the hood of her starfighter than in the cockpit. But after the Lylat Wars left most of the solar system’s planets in ruin, she and Conner formed Star Coon to help protect and restore the Lylat System. Although shy, clumsy, and overly curious, Coon is kind and hardworking and completely devotes herself to her work, and when she does, it’s hard to get her attention on anything else. As a former starship engineer, she knows her starfighter as well as she knows herself, and there are few pilots who can match her aerial skills. Commonly referring to her ship as “baby,” Coon spends as much time taking care of it as if it really was one, becoming overly dramatic if it gets damaged in any way. Her extensive engineering vocabulary sometimes confuses the others, especially Snake, but when it comes to her field of expertise, there really is no one better.

Rosy: A skilled marksman and cook, Rosy joined Star Coon to escape the tedious work of the cafeteria kitchens at the Cornerian Flight Academy. (Yes, she was previously a lunch lady!) She is energetic and enthusiastic, but sometimes a little too boisterous and overbearing. When she’s not out on the battlefield, she’s in the kitchen cooking for her team members. She enjoys helping people with their problems, whether they like it or not, and acts extremely motherly to her team members; overprotective and constantly worrying about them. The others tease her about this by sometimes referring to her as “Mama Bear,” but she takes it as a term of endearment. She considers her team like her family and she makes sure they know so!

Snake: Reluctant to become a member of the team in the beginning, Snake joined Star Coon temporarily to aid them on a mission to reclaim Venom. After completing their initial mission together, Snake’s view of the team changed and he decided to support the group indefinitely. Snake is quiet and simple and when he does speak it’s usually to give curt and brutally honest remarks, making him appear cold and distant most of the time. Despite his aloof demeanor, Snake is perceptive and quick and loyal to his team above all else. Of his team members, he is extremely fond of Coon for her strong will and determination, although is often confused by her eccentric behavior and engineering terms.

Owen: Coming out of retirement to join Star Coon simply to repay Conner a favor, Owen was an old friend of Conner’s during their training in the Corneria army. And yeah, he was just as hard to deal with then, too. A bit too proud of his achievements and much too stubborn to admit it, it’s hard not to have a conversation with Owen that doesn’t lead to an argument or remind him of a story about the old days. Owen may come off as confrontational and condescending to his team members, but deep down, Owen is a softhearted old coot who enjoys being on Star Coon. Although if you ask him that, he’s sure to deny it.

Conner: Former flight instructor at the Cornerian Flight Academy, Conner helped create Star Coon and acts as Coon’s second in command, strategist, and mentor, giving information and advice on the team’s missions together. The other team members greatly respect Conner for his skills and wisdom and often look to him for advice off the battlefield, much to Conner’s dismay since the battlefield is all he really knows about. Conner is hardly the wise old tortoise the others believe him to be, but he is considerate and perceptive and does his best to help them with their problems. Conner has great confidence in Star Coon and is determined to return the Lylat system to it’s former glory.

Po! The kung fu panda!

Super excited for Kungfu Panda 2! But I won’t be able to see it until I get back from Japan. 😦

Whew! Finished my entry for Airse’s White Noise Contest! And just in time, too. The deadline was today! >~<;

Oh, and Happy Valentines day!

My entry for the UTENSIL contest! Such a great webcomic! It’s got cake, ninjas, and a whole lotta awesome.

I thought the entry was due tonight, but looks like the deadline is tomorrow. It worked out better that way, though, since now I got it in early. But because I got it in early, I had more time than I originally thought, so I drew a second entry.

Fan art for alexisneo on DA. Her characters from her comic “Dream Catchers.” I wanted to get this done for her birthday but I was too slow. Sorry Natalie!


This is Sal. Or Salis. Or Salison. Whatever you prefer! I like drawing, bears, eating pineapple, and drawing bears eating pineapple. This is my sketchblog!


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