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Working on the next page for Hotarugari so I can post it tomorrow. All I need to do is shade, and it’s done!


A doodle of Yumi as a kitsune! Not that she’ll ever be one in Hotarugari, but I started to wonder what would happen if the character roles were reversed. She’d be the only blue kitsune out there and probably have weird cheek fur to match her hairstyle. XD

Hotarugari version of Sal, whom makes a cameo in Chapter 4 during the festival in Etto. Trying to figure out her clothes before Chapter 4 comes around, which is coming up this year! Also, just got back from a two week vacation in Anaheim, so using this as a warm up before getting back to work.

snowJust a REALLY old image of Yumi I found in my folder. Not sure what to do with it now except post it here!

31Chapter 3, Page 31’s plot. Haha, and the red scribbles are just for fun! XD Hopefully I can ink the rest of it tomorrow and have it completed by Sunday! Also, a HUGE thank you for all the Hotarugari donations. This week I received a second donation from a previous donator, so this page will especially be dedicated to you, leucome! Thank you very much! :’3

Very old character concept for Umeko, the tengu, a side-character in Hotarugari who originally appears in Chapter 4 but some rewriting might change that. Decided not to go with this design but I thought I’d still share it. Normally, tengu are known to be half-man, half-bird-like creatures with terrible red faces and beak-shaped noses, but in Hotarugari, they’re cute little girls, and only tengu who can’t transform into a human properly have big noses, and they’re easily embarrassed, so they’re always turning red. Umeko is very wise, weird, and sweet, and she and Hotaru have met on a few occasions, so they know each other, but because she lives so far away, high up on the snowy mountains with her people, they hardly ever see each other.

Chapter 3, Page 30’s inks are complete. I’m so pumped for this comic right now, I could explode! Working on my portfolio gave me a new perspective on everything, and now I’m churning out art like never before. Going to shade this page and have it posted by tomorrow, then get back to gift art and more portfolio work!

No update for Hotarugari again. That’s the third week in a row, I know. >___<; There's just too much to do! It's overwhelming! And lately, I've been in such a crummy mood, I don't want to do anything at all but cry. Still, I gritted my teeth and got some work done. I’ll keep at it!

For a limited time, I’m taking questions about Hotarugari! I’ll be answering EVERY question. So if you have any inquiries about the series, ask away! COMMENT HERE WITH A QUESTION!!!

Back when I started Hotarugari, I was also into making my own plush animals, and drew up this design for a Hotaru plush doll. But ugh, I can’t sew. So I looked up some manufacturers who specialize in this stuff. They were all way out of my price range, and had a minimum purchase of 250 dolls! So, sadly, Hotaru’s plush was never made. But I still had fun daydreaming about it, and maybe one day I will make a plush of one of my characters. Although if I’m going to make a plush anything, it’s going to be a tanuki! They’re so much cuter.

Doodle of Hisaki, the hot and arrogant, and his mimicking little brother, Akio, side characters from Hotarugari. These guys don’t appear until the very last chapter of the comic, and only to cause trouble. It’s a bummer I wasn’t able to include them more in the story, since they’re hilarious and I love drawing them. They’re the main bullies in Hotaru’s life that are constantly reminding him of how much he sucks, (although it’s only Hisaki who really enjoys it, since Akio is just following his brother’s example,) but they’re also the closest people Hotaru has in his life besides Yumi. So sad. XD

And here’s their initial designs I did some time ago. Oh! And thank you so much for helping to give this blog over 5000 views!

Rough plot of Yumi’s turnaround sheet. I usually include character turnarounds on the character modelsheets too, just to give the viewer a better understanding of the form and shape of the character.

S-So awesome! *q* OMG, thank you!

Here’s a segment of script from Hotarugari: Chapter Two. If you compare it to the actual pages, 30 and 31, you can see I adlib a lot; rearranging panels, rewording dialogue, etc. Heck, sometimes I don’t bother to write in page or panel numbers, or I’ll draw extra material I didn’t write down. For me, the script is more of a guidline. What you do is up to you!

Yumi, from my original webcomic, Hotarugari. Having spent a month away from it, I forgot how to draw her! I need more practice. I’ll try to have the next page up by tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’ll eat some sweets while I’m at it, too.

Here’s a look at the stages a Hotaugari comic page goes through from start to finish! 😀

Naoki the tanuki from my webcomic, Hotarugari. I forgot how cute he was!

And Naoki in human form. He’ll be on the cover of the second chapter!


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