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Y’all’ve been enjoying my shoujo manga fashion sketches so much, here’s some more! This time it’s of Kei, Nene’s classmate and crush, (whose name keeps changing because I can’t decide. XD) Felt it was unfair to draw just the girls with alternate getups, so the dudes get them too. Although ugh, men’s fashion is simple and difficult to design at the same time.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Not fond of mushy stuff, or the way people act about it, but I love hearts and candy, so yay for V-day!tearing_apart_hearts
Scribble of Sal tearing up paper hearts?? Haha, I don’t know! It’s ironic I’m such an antiromantic in real life, yet everything I’m working on these days has to do with romance.

The old art style I was going to use for my comic, but decided to go for something more detailed. I still enjoy drawing in this style, but although it may look simpler, it’s actually more difficult to draw in. XD

Seeing how it’s almost been an entire year since I worked on my romance stories, I thought I’d do some character designs—in chibi form, of course! I find if it works superly deformed, it’ll work in any style. Girls in pink, guys in blue, and coupled together top to bottom.

Happy Halloween! 😀 Really wish I could’ve made special Halloween art for this year, (Halloween is my favorite holiday!) but I have to work. Maybe next time. Messy work from last year that I wasn’t going to post. It’s of my monster girl, Muna, that I draw every Halloween. She sleeps all year round and wakes only on Halloween, consuming whatever she can for 24 hours—houses, livestock, people, whatever. The only thing that’ll make her skip your house is if you offer her candy, since she absolutely loves candy, and it mellows her attitude down. One year, the townsfolk tried to stop her annual terrorizing by shackling her while she slept and locking her away. This didn’t stop her, however, and she broke out and ate most of the town.My drawing of Muna for this year. I didn’t have time to finish, but I’d like to play with her design some more. And wow, my next post will be my 100th!

The last is the development sheet for Tin Man, reworked after learning about how to push poses and express expressions, extremes and such. Very happy with the results!To explain, here’s three versions of the same pose and expression; sad, sitting, contemplating. My initial try on the left, before learning about extremes, covers the basics, but doesn’t really express that thought the way I want it to. My second attempt, in the middle, after studying lines and shape, is an improvement, but I still felt something was missing. The final version, on the right, translates my idea in all regards, (pose, expression, shape, everything!) and even though I feel it could be pushed and tweaked even further, best not to overwork it!

A fresh new look for my cartoon characters! This style is much more expressive and fluid and totally me, and I love it to bits! Besides fishman Stan and egghead Ned, the others are either their co-workers or people they meet on their route to work.Character development for Stan. His personality changed completely from being the grumpy cold fish at work, to a fish out of water; clueless and uselss in his enviroment. He’s a lot more lighthearted and outgoing than before, quickly becoming Ned’s buddy and showing him the ropes, and I really like that about him now. Stan honestly has no idea what his job at the company is, and flounders to make himself look busy whenever his boss is around. He doesn’t enjoy his time at the company, but wants to use it to make a decent living while he figures out what he wants to do with the rest of his life, so he wants to keep his job, whatever it is!And finally, some visual development for this cartoon of mine. The story takes place in San Francisco, (a city I love to explore!) which is very cold and wet most of the time, so I went with teals and sea greens to capture that feeling, while also making the rust-color of the Golden Gate Bridge stand out.

“Ghost” designs for my portfolio, characters from another story of mine I’ve yet to tell! They aren’t really ghosts, exactly, since they never were alive to begin with, but are somewhere between guadian angels and demonic spirits.Thew in Hotaru’s charater sheet to spice things up a bit. This anime-inspired style really isn’t what I want to continue using, (it’s difficult to trademark a style like this, I think,) but it’s fun to draw in, so I use it quite often.And Yumi’s character sheet. I had to rearrange her gear and Hotau’s so that they’d both fit within the image size limit.

More portfolio work! This is Miss Thursby, an original character of mine from a story I’m writing. She’s an eccentric, cat-crazy, older woman who lives alone with all her cats in London, and enjoys creating in every way possible; from painting to knitting to pottery to dance, she’s all about expressing how you feel! This image was originally to show how I find my characters, but her design came to me instantly and I fell in love with her. (That’s the opposite to how it usually happens!) So all the other designs came afterward.Probably the weakest image in my portfolio, but I’ll spruce it up later! Some original character designs.And the last of my people designs. Such fun shapes!

WHEW! Portfolio complete! Just about died trying to get it all together, but it’s done. Time to celebrate!Cats, cats, and more cats! 30, to be mathematical about it. It’s ironic I draw cats so much when I’m so terrified of them in real life! These are two pages from my twelve page portflio.

Neon ninja is what I want—-emphasis on neon! So here’s another look at the style for Kana’s story. Sorry, eyes, but this is how I like it.

Colored thumbs for Kana’s story. (I just had to get it out of my head. It was taking up space. :0) Still haven’t finalized ANY of the character designs yet since I still don’t know how bright to make this thing. Ninja are supposed to be dark and shadowy, not neon! But a part of me wants to go as bright as I can. Also, this will no longer be a comic, but a visual novel. Excitement!

Just messin’ around.

Back when I started Hotarugari, I was also into making my own plush animals, and drew up this design for a Hotaru plush doll. But ugh, I can’t sew. So I looked up some manufacturers who specialize in this stuff. They were all way out of my price range, and had a minimum purchase of 250 dolls! So, sadly, Hotaru’s plush was never made. But I still had fun daydreaming about it, and maybe one day I will make a plush of one of my characters. Although if I’m going to make a plush anything, it’s going to be a tanuki! They’re so much cuter.

Doodle of Hisaki, the hot and arrogant, and his mimicking little brother, Akio, side characters from Hotarugari. These guys don’t appear until the very last chapter of the comic, and only to cause trouble. It’s a bummer I wasn’t able to include them more in the story, since they’re hilarious and I love drawing them. They’re the main bullies in Hotaru’s life that are constantly reminding him of how much he sucks, (although it’s only Hisaki who really enjoys it, since Akio is just following his brother’s example,) but they’re also the closest people Hotaru has in his life besides Yumi. So sad. XD

And here’s their initial designs I did some time ago. Oh! And thank you so much for helping to give this blog over 5000 views!

Rough plot of Yumi’s turnaround sheet. I usually include character turnarounds on the character modelsheets too, just to give the viewer a better understanding of the form and shape of the character.

Here’s a segment of script from Hotarugari: Chapter Two. If you compare it to the actual pages, 30 and 31, you can see I adlib a lot; rearranging panels, rewording dialogue, etc. Heck, sometimes I don’t bother to write in page or panel numbers, or I’ll draw extra material I didn’t write down. For me, the script is more of a guidline. What you do is up to you!

Yumi, from my original webcomic, Hotarugari. Having spent a month away from it, I forgot how to draw her! I need more practice. I’ll try to have the next page up by tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’ll eat some sweets while I’m at it, too.

Working on the style and format for SweetSpice! Screentoning is something I’ve never done before, so here’s a few of my experiments. There were a lot of toning programs available, but I found Photoshop actually gave me more of the look I was trying to achieve. Still undecided, though. ^^;

Lady In Red, a character design for the song Murder Train by When Up Is Down. I like the marker look. 😀

The cover for When Up Is Down’s debut album, When Pop Goes Wrong! Check it out HERE!

This scene is from Murder Train, a song on the album I helped co-write and compose. (Track #6,) And I just love these characters. I mean, c’mon, Lady In Red’s eye-patch has a heart on it. ❤

This is a very short, random test animation I made in 2011 using EasyToon. It’s 3 seconds long, animated on 1’s, and 33 freehanded frames of Relly, my original character, kicking a couple of floating eyeballs! Created to ward off boredom, I began animating without having any idea where I was going. Both Relly’s design and story are still undergoing a variety of changes and revisions, but she’s the oldest character I have, and somehow remains my favorite out of all my original material.

Remember I said I’d have a shoujo webcomic coming out in 2012? This is it! SweetSpice!It’s a light and fluffy romantic comedy sketch-comic series. Not sure when I’ll be able to update it. XD Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

More of Kana and Oni! Random little comic as I get to know these characters better. Really should be working on other things, but drawing them is fun.

Lately I’ve been writing my dreams down and using them for creative inspiration for characters and stories. Like this one.Inspired by a weird dream I had of ninja in scarves and glasses, Kana is an intelligence gathering, food-loving kunoichi who gains the trust of her targets, extracts information from them, then uses her decorative hair accessories to impale her victim’s vital organs. Depite her age, Kana acts like an old lady when she’s not working; bossing people around, complaining about her aches and pains, sleeping a lot, forgetting things, smoking, drinking and gambling. Still, she believes herself to be ultimately superior, and is completely obssessed with making Oni, a fellow clan member, realize this.Oni (His true name is unkown to Kana, as is his face, so she calls him Oni because of his mask.) is a slow, silent, socially-awkward warrior who uses stealth and shadow tactics to kill his marks quickly and quietly. When discovered or confronted, Oni will use his katana in battle as a last resort. Kana has never heard Oni laugh, although he will acknowledge something that amuses him by stating it as such. Kana and Oni don’t get along very well, but as members of the same clan, they can’t kill each other.

Character designs for Clementine, the main character from a story of mine based off the old western folk ballad. The one on the left is Clementine when she’s alive, the one on the right is Clementine when she’s dead and in heaven, talking with angels.

Her story was never finished and I doubt I’ll pick it up again, but I like drawing her.

Messy sketch of egghead Ned and fishman Stan, (previously named Bevis) sitting on my screen name. What is going on? My tablet broke, I’m sick again, and Ned and Stan’s cartoon is still undergoing major revisions. Bad times.

Original character concept of mine from a personal project that is sitting on a back burner while I work on other things. The project is currently titled “mental,” and ironically, it’s driving me crazy not being able to work on it. XD So I doodled a concept sketch of one of the characters to ease some stress. Not going to tell you his name since it will most likely change along with his face.

It’s been two weeks since I caught the flu and I still feel terrible. It’s one bad bug! I’ve just been lying around the house in a snuggie with a box of kleenex. I’m so sick of being sick. But I don’t have time to wait around until I’m well. I’m getting back to drawing! Even if I draw bad when I feel bad.Poor Sal…

My entry for IGN’s Star Fox Star Animal Contest!With just a few days to enter, I decided to design my own star team! There’s Coon the raccoon, Rosy the bear, Owen the owl, Snake the snake, and Conner the tortoise. But creating characters on the spot is difficult for me without back story for each character, so I created that too. And now I don’t know what to do with all that information but post it here. XD

Coon: Leader of the Star Coon team, Coon started out as a simple starship engineer spending more time working under the hood of her starfighter than in the cockpit. But after the Lylat Wars left most of the solar system’s planets in ruin, she and Conner formed Star Coon to help protect and restore the Lylat System. Although shy, clumsy, and overly curious, Coon is kind and hardworking and completely devotes herself to her work, and when she does, it’s hard to get her attention on anything else. As a former starship engineer, she knows her starfighter as well as she knows herself, and there are few pilots who can match her aerial skills. Commonly referring to her ship as “baby,” Coon spends as much time taking care of it as if it really was one, becoming overly dramatic if it gets damaged in any way. Her extensive engineering vocabulary sometimes confuses the others, especially Snake, but when it comes to her field of expertise, there really is no one better.

Rosy: A skilled marksman and cook, Rosy joined Star Coon to escape the tedious work of the cafeteria kitchens at the Cornerian Flight Academy. (Yes, she was previously a lunch lady!) She is energetic and enthusiastic, but sometimes a little too boisterous and overbearing. When she’s not out on the battlefield, she’s in the kitchen cooking for her team members. She enjoys helping people with their problems, whether they like it or not, and acts extremely motherly to her team members; overprotective and constantly worrying about them. The others tease her about this by sometimes referring to her as “Mama Bear,” but she takes it as a term of endearment. She considers her team like her family and she makes sure they know so!

Snake: Reluctant to become a member of the team in the beginning, Snake joined Star Coon temporarily to aid them on a mission to reclaim Venom. After completing their initial mission together, Snake’s view of the team changed and he decided to support the group indefinitely. Snake is quiet and simple and when he does speak it’s usually to give curt and brutally honest remarks, making him appear cold and distant most of the time. Despite his aloof demeanor, Snake is perceptive and quick and loyal to his team above all else. Of his team members, he is extremely fond of Coon for her strong will and determination, although is often confused by her eccentric behavior and engineering terms.

Owen: Coming out of retirement to join Star Coon simply to repay Conner a favor, Owen was an old friend of Conner’s during their training in the Corneria army. And yeah, he was just as hard to deal with then, too. A bit too proud of his achievements and much too stubborn to admit it, it’s hard not to have a conversation with Owen that doesn’t lead to an argument or remind him of a story about the old days. Owen may come off as confrontational and condescending to his team members, but deep down, Owen is a softhearted old coot who enjoys being on Star Coon. Although if you ask him that, he’s sure to deny it.

Conner: Former flight instructor at the Cornerian Flight Academy, Conner helped create Star Coon and acts as Coon’s second in command, strategist, and mentor, giving information and advice on the team’s missions together. The other team members greatly respect Conner for his skills and wisdom and often look to him for advice off the battlefield, much to Conner’s dismay since the battlefield is all he really knows about. Conner is hardly the wise old tortoise the others believe him to be, but he is considerate and perceptive and does his best to help them with their problems. Conner has great confidence in Star Coon and is determined to return the Lylat system to it’s former glory.

Quick stress-relieving sketch. Inspired by some feelings of dealing with parts of my life that I don’t want to face. But if I run, I feel cowardly. :<

Again, the character here is Sal, one of my originals. Although an androgynous character, I usually refer to Sal as a girl since I use this character a lot to represent my thoughts.

Their designs have changed a bit from the last time I drew them, but probably for the better! Oh, and Bevis the fish might be renamed since everything for this animated short is still in the works, but apart from that, I’m really happy with how things are coming along. Audio is finally being recorded for this, and after that, it’s animating time!

And the final design for fishman! My brother named him Stan, but I want to call him Bevis. This guy is going to be Ned’s less-enthusiastic co-worker. He’s lazy, grouchy, and doesn’t really care about anything, (you’d be like that too if you worked at the same company for as long as he has,) but he’s a nice guy if anyone would take the time to get to know him. Which Ned has, so these guys are tight.

Original design for egg-head Ned, a character I’m developing for a short cartoon I plan on animating. 😀
Ned is the new guy in the office. Green, nice, and much too enthusiastic about his work, he can be quite clueless at times and is often taken advantage of because of this.

Clearing the yard of weeds this morning got me thinking about a new concept involving humans and plants and how they see one another. So here’s a quick doodle of a new character stemmed from those thoughts, haha.

This is Gala. She’s an unwanted wildflower or weed who’s actually really sweet and funny, but because of what she is, no one wants her around. I’m still figuring out her design, but I like her initial concept.

First set of outfit designs for Eriko. Not sure which ones we’ll get to see in the comic yet.

And thanks to everyone for giving this blog 1000 hits!

This is Eriko, the main girl of my romantic comedy comic that’s coming in 2012.

The style, toning, and format for this comic is going to be much simpler in comparison to my other comics, and it’s a short, one-shot story, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Doodling before I start work really helps me to loosen up, so here are some more random sketches of my characters, Sal and Sal. Them having the same name had something to do with the story of them accidentally getting the same apartment, but I never took the time to really figure it out other than there aren’t any other rooms available so they’re forced to share.

Sal the bear is a lazy slob who moved to America because of global warming melting the ice caps. Sal the human is a neat-freak-geek who is trying for the first time to live on her own. Both have difficulty living with each other because of their differences.

Here’s a few doodles I did of my original character, Sal. Not the bear, Sal, this is the other Sal. Sal the human. She’s a tomboy who likes to draw, play videogames, and keep the place clean. She’s based off of me, mostly, but is a whole lot hipper. She meets Sal the bear when they become roommates.

More concepts for Sata. All of us agreed that the one on the left and the previous version fit her character, so I’m going to try to combine the two.

Character concept for Sata, the love interest of a visual novel I’m working on. I’m still trying to find her character along with the high school uniform, so expect more concept sketches of her soon.

Naoki the tanuki from my webcomic, Hotarugari. I forgot how cute he was!

And Naoki in human form. He’ll be on the cover of the second chapter!

Refining my monster character design. I like this version so much better! Although there really isn’t much difference from the first one other than I made her older and cooler looking. 🙂

One of my character doodles inspired by the festivities of Halloween.
The story is that this little monster sleeps all year but wakes up on Halloween grumpy and hungry. The townsfolk then feed it candy in return for sparing their lives. After the monster feasts, it falls back into slumber until next Halloween.


This is Sal. Or Salis. Or Salison. Whatever you prefer! I like drawing, bears, eating pineapple, and drawing bears eating pineapple. This is my sketchblog!


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