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Neon ninja is what I want—-emphasis on neon! So here’s another look at the style for Kana’s story. Sorry, eyes, but this is how I like it.


Colored thumbs for Kana’s story. (I just had to get it out of my head. It was taking up space. :0) Still haven’t finalized ANY of the character designs yet since I still don’t know how bright to make this thing. Ninja are supposed to be dark and shadowy, not neon! But a part of me wants to go as bright as I can. Also, this will no longer be a comic, but a visual novel. Excitement!

More of Kana and Oni! Random little comic as I get to know these characters better. Really should be working on other things, but drawing them is fun.

Lately I’ve been writing my dreams down and using them for creative inspiration for characters and stories. Like this one.Inspired by a weird dream I had of ninja in scarves and glasses, Kana is an intelligence gathering, food-loving kunoichi who gains the trust of her targets, extracts information from them, then uses her decorative hair accessories to impale her victim’s vital organs. Depite her age, Kana acts like an old lady when she’s not working; bossing people around, complaining about her aches and pains, sleeping a lot, forgetting things, smoking, drinking and gambling. Still, she believes herself to be ultimately superior, and is completely obssessed with making Oni, a fellow clan member, realize this.Oni (His true name is unkown to Kana, as is his face, so she calls him Oni because of his mask.) is a slow, silent, socially-awkward warrior who uses stealth and shadow tactics to kill his marks quickly and quietly. When discovered or confronted, Oni will use his katana in battle as a last resort. Kana has never heard Oni laugh, although he will acknowledge something that amuses him by stating it as such. Kana and Oni don’t get along very well, but as members of the same clan, they can’t kill each other.


This is Sal. Or Salis. Or Salison. Whatever you prefer! I like drawing, bears, eating pineapple, and drawing bears eating pineapple. This is my sketchblog!


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