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Since this blog is for my artwork ONLY, I’ve set up a tumblr for posts on all the other things, from cooking, to photos, to life and whatnot. Of course, I’ll still be posting here on WordPress like I always do, too!


Happy New Year! It’s the year of the Snake! My year, baby. 😉snakecolorsSplashed some color on this sketch I posted here ages ago. Looking forward to practicing and experimenting more this year!

weverTrying to write, but I keep getting stuck. Words have never been my strong point. (Which is probably why I’m so drawn to art instead!) But, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so I’ll keep trying.

Have you ever come up with an idea you call your own only to realize later someone has already thought of it and beaten you to it? I have. Waaaaay too many times! And it’s happened again. XD That movie came out this year about a guy and a bear who live together, which is the basic idea I had for the comic I was doing with Sal & Sal, only mine was clean and more surreal. However, now that the movie’s been done, I can’t do the comic.wtfAlthough I haven’t seen the movie, and I had the idea way before the movie came around, I can’t go through with it now without looking like a copycat. -__- This doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that if I had just started the comic sooner, this wouldn’t be a problem. *SIGH* Darn me and my lazy ways! But this happening just makes me want to change even more. Lesson for today, kids, is get off your duff and do those ideas before someone else does, or you won’t get to do them at all!

Testing some of the PS brushes I made this morning.

A 3-Step progress sheet of how to plot, another commission from my sister back in May for her workshop at the local library. Now that it’s September, I look back at this, and I see so many points I could improve upon! Not sure if that’s good that I can see that now, or bad that I couldn’t when I drew it.

LOL! I’m sorry! I don’t know how to draw butts. To study them is embarassing, and you can’t look at them in real life without coming off as a total pervert, so it’s the area of the body I fail most at drawing. XD

Lyrics are from “Cold Front,” a song by Amie Miriello. Last month, I was searching for some music to pick me up, and I came across her album, “I Came Around.” A lot of her words are easy to relate to, and her melodies really warmed my heart. Thank you, Amie! Some of the things people say can be really cold, you know? But sometimes it’s what they don’t say that leaves you frozen. Funny this should happen to me in the middle of summer. Oh! And I’m making that hat.

Lately, things just haven’t been working out for me at all. What’s with you, Universe?! We used to be pals!But thanks for the 4000 views! That makes me feel a tad better. TuT

It’s Spring, but I don’t feel like doing anything, and I have a ton of work ahead of me. Just want to hibernate some mooooore…
Kinda in the dumps right now, so not a lot of art because of that.

Eep! The staredown before the chase!It’s nice to break out once in a while and experiment.

Just wanted to draw those big, cute, shiny eyes like in Lucky Star and Bear with long hair.

Some random doodles based on random conversations my best friend and I have had online, all smashed together and in no particular order. Bear belongs to me and Wolf belongs to her.

It’s been two weeks since I caught the flu and I still feel terrible. It’s one bad bug! I’ve just been lying around the house in a snuggie with a box of kleenex. I’m so sick of being sick. But I don’t have time to wait around until I’m well. I’m getting back to drawing! Even if I draw bad when I feel bad.Poor Sal…

Quick stress-relieving sketch. Inspired by some feelings of dealing with parts of my life that I don’t want to face. But if I run, I feel cowardly. :<

Again, the character here is Sal, one of my originals. Although an androgynous character, I usually refer to Sal as a girl since I use this character a lot to represent my thoughts.

Experimenting with color and style. LOL, color everywhere.

And thanks for helping to give this blog over 2000 hits! So who’s been stopping by? Give me a shout out! It’s awesome people actually come to look at my scribbles.

Once in a while I just feel like drawing something knarly, you know? I started out drawing an ugly unicorn, but added multiple horns as I went, so I guess it’s a multicorn now. XD

Gosh, my blog posts are so inconsistent. And my style and subjects keep changing. Gotta work on that.

Let me introduce you to my mascot… bear… thing. This is Sal! XD

Yeah! It’s 2011! This is going to be a great year, I just know it. And I can’t wait to get started!

What a neat place! I can already tell this is going to be fun. I’ll have to learn CSS if I want to fully customize this space, though.

And so… I have a blog! 😀


This is Sal. Or Salis. Or Salison. Whatever you prefer! I like drawing, bears, eating pineapple, and drawing bears eating pineapple. This is my sketchblog!


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