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More basic tone practice before I begin drawing my romantic comedy sketch comic, SweetSpice! Which already has 31 fans on SmackJeeves, and there aren’t even any pages up yet! <:'D Anyway, I really want to start soon, so I'm experimenting with different styles. This one in particular is for Last*Days, 1 of the 4 stories I'll be drawing.


Practice! Trying differents styles and shapes for people. They’re all mostly random peeps, but there might be a few you recognize.

Working on the style and format for SweetSpice! Screentoning is something I’ve never done before, so here’s a few of my experiments. There were a lot of toning programs available, but I found Photoshop actually gave me more of the look I was trying to achieve. Still undecided, though. ^^;

Random experiment to define gender and age using an anime-inspired drawing style. The results were better than I expected, but still needs some work. LOL, I”m looking at you, old man!

Since I’m both allergic and fearful of cats, owning one was something I swore would never happen, but by some unexpected miracle, I have one now. T~T I named him Bear. He’s a feral, naturally bobbed-tail cat, so his tail is naturally short. The tips of his ears were clipped off, and he doesn’t meow, but he fetches and comes when I call his name. He’s sweet and scary and he bites me a lot, but there’s something about him that makes me really happy. I can’t explain it!When I initially began studying art, cats were the only thing I drew for several years. Lions and tigers filled my sketchbooks! Now I hardly ever draw cats, so I thought I’d practice with Bear as reference. (He’s lying on my tablet right now.) I also doodled a cartoony version of him, but his coloring pattern isn’t easy to simplify.

Experimenting with color and style. LOL, color everywhere.

And thanks for helping to give this blog over 2000 hits! So who’s been stopping by? Give me a shout out! It’s awesome people actually come to look at my scribbles.

Remember what I said last post? Same thing here, only with clouds this time. Here’s my studies on clouds and lighting.

Every time I find something, (a style, a medium, a subject,) anything that I’ve never drawn before, I become completely obsessed with it and it’s all I’ll draw until I’ve improved. Recently, it’s been snakes, so here’s a sketch I did for practice.


This is Sal. Or Salis. Or Salison. Whatever you prefer! I like drawing, bears, eating pineapple, and drawing bears eating pineapple. This is my sketchblog!


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